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  • Packaged to your requirements - just let us know what you need.
  • These are house plants that like to live inside some are home propagated some are buy ins you are welcome to make a time to come view the plants txt 0210690465 for details
  • Grape, Schuyler's
    Relax in your garden this summer picking grapes from your own vine, trailing across your fence or pergola. Sweet black table grapes from your edible garden! Vine approx 85 cm high, in a 16 cm pot.
    NZ$ 15.00
    NZ$ 12.00
  • Raspberry 'Ebony'
    A thornless variety with dark, purplish stems and rich black fruits. Delicious!
    NZ$ 18.00
    NZ$ 14.40
  • Raspberry 'Ivory'
    Delicately flavoured, golden fruit make the spiky stems worth it!
    NZ$ 18.00
    NZ$ 14.40
  • Raspberry, Tulameen
    Grow raspberries against your fence or sunny garden wall for masses of mouth-watering fruit in summer. Delightful!
    NZ$ 18.00
    NZ$ 14.40
  • Redcurrant
    Yum! Growing into an attractive, compact shrub, this redcurrant will be a fave in your edible garden.
    NZ$ 18.00
    NZ$ 14.40
  • Syngonium 'Golden Allusion'
    Bright green-gold leaves with light pink veining. These gorgeous plants do well in low to medium light settings and thrive in bright, indirect light.
    NZ$ 25.00
    NZ$ 20.00
  • Vermiculite
    Mix through soil for increased water and nutrient retention. 50g bag.
    NZ$ 1.20
    NZ$ 0.96
  • Vermiculite
    Mix through soil for added water and nutrient retention. 25 g bag.
    NZ$ 0.60
    NZ$ 0.48

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