Garden Beds

Build a bed and raised vegetable bed.

We offer custom-built macrocarpa garden beds. Easy to care for and great looking, these beds can sit on gravel or grass. 

These are 40cm high, made from untreated Macrocarpa 20cm x 5cm.

You can get us to do it all or you can do some. Contact Us to let know what you would like and we'll be happy to help.

Size Timber Garden mix (organic) Plants Mulch Time costs The full package (time, garden mix, plants, mulch & time costs)
50cm x 60cm 40 70 10 10 50 170
1m x 1.10 m 70 130 20 15 70 290
1.05m x 2.1m 100 170 30 20 80 380
2.1m x 2.1 m 135 260 60 30 100 555

We can custom make to different sizes and shapes to work with the space you have. If you want a raised bed, we can make you one that sits off the ground.

 Contact Us to discuss what you would like.