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We are based in Titahi Bay 
We work throughout Wellington region.
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Text or call 021 069 0465
We are largely based in gardening and landscaping services now.
We continue to sell plants pots and bulbs from home.
These are on this website and some on trademe under Grow3
Call me if you are interested in anything in particular.
I usually have fruit trees and berries available
I will source plants to order. 
Thanks, Kaye

Covid Note:
We have the ability to scan passports and will be doing so for any in person pick ups we will expect you to be masked and double vaxed.
Grow From Here | Getting you into your garden

Grow From Here provides a wide range of organic gardening and landscaping services.  Owner Kaye Reardon has over  years of organic gardening experience, 30 years of that in Wellington conditions.  Kaye and her team are available to undertake the work and find those products that will help your garden work for you.  

Where to begin?

We offer an obligation-free garden consult service.  We will come to your place and discuss what is happening in your garden, and what remedies would be appropriate. We also can discuss how you would like your garden to look, and create a plan around how to get there.  

A consult costs $90+GST per hour with an additional charge of $90+GST if a write up is required. Once you have a vision for your garden, and ideas about what is possible, we can decide where to go from there. A garden should reflect the people living in it; we will help you to select suitable plants for the conditions in YOUR garden. 

Learn more about what we offer on our Shop page.

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