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Product Information 


The following can be ordered and delivered to your place, in bulk:


  • The complete soil conditioner
  • High Quality Organic Compost made from 100% greenwaste.
  • Contains No additives and is weed free.
  • High in Natural Nutrients.
  • Suitable for all types of gardening, including moisture retention, mulching and soil conditioning

Top Soil 

  • Excellent Soil Replacement.
  • Suitable as a base for new lawns and gardens.
  • Designed to aid seed germination and accelerate growth.
  • Good Moisture Retention.
  • Easily Spreadable.
  • Used by the Professionals.

Twig Mulch

  • Formulated from 100% Organic Material. 
  • Compost added to assist with moisture retention and weed suppression
  • Locks together to form a protective ground cover.
  • Turns an attractive silver colour as it ages.
  • Can be used in muddy or damp areas.
  • Minimum Application of 50mm advised to achieve good coverage.

Garden Mix

  • Quality mix of compost, bark and pumice.
  • High in natural nutrients.
  • Excellent moisture retention.

We also stock Daltons Organic potting mix at $20 for a 40l Bag and $12. for a 15l bag as well as an assortment of other potting products from Daltons.


  • 10cm seedlings and herbs from Earthwork nurseries 
  • Organic Vegetable and herbs from Oakdale Organics.  
  • Pop'n grow flowers seedlings from Awapuni Nursery -
  • We are always keen to hear from and establish links with local suppliers.

Seeds From Eco seeds, Kings and Mcgregors range

Tools A small range of Amalgamated Hardware "Mcgregor tools" we sell the original wonder weeder

Plants & Pots We have a good range of plants especially edibles and natives, We are able to order in for you or supply of landscapers plans if required.

For kids Watering cans, tools spades, grow mats, a sand pit and attentive gardening support.